Summer Update

Just wanted to take the time to let people know what’s generally going on, and also why the next installment of Tomorrow Man has yet to be posted.

Over the past year I’ve found less and less time for writing in my everyday life, and whilst I used to be able to churn out both a few pages of Tomorrow Man and work on other projects every month, I’ve recently had trouble even filling the quota for my monthly blog story. Sufficed to say the first draft of Colossus Part II is “nearly done” and has been so since about August last year.

So I have decided, since part 24 of Tomorrow Man is up and brings the year’s “section” of the story to a close that I’ll be taking a few months’ break from posting it so that I can focus on other projects. I fully intend to keep writing the story, though I need to work out the direction a bit as it seems to be meandering somewhat.

In the meantime I’ll be pushing to get Colossus: From the Shadows to a finished first draft so I can send it out to a few alpha readers for feedback.

I’ll also try to get Tomorrow Man compiled into an eBook format over the next few weeks.

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