Beyond Myths Lie The Truths We Dare Not Comprehend

It is the very essence of arrogance to assume we are alone in this universe. With what credulity can man say that upon every planet around every sun in every galaxy of our infinite cosmos there does not stand a creature with equal or greater sentience? If it is not beyond rational thought to believe that this universe is shared, it is not such a great leap to believe that this planet is also shared.

Excerpt from The Visitor Hypothesis by Donald T. Blake

One does not need to look far to see the evidence. Ancient texts and scriptures reference giants, although in our modern age little academic credence is given to such material. Many cultures across the world have threaded through their past stories of gargantuan man-like characters. It is easy, when looking at an isolated example, to see these as a simple stretch of the authors’ collective imaginations. When these stories are studied together, each a strand in the fabric of the whole, such a conclusion is far less easy to reach.

Giants of the Earth – Harvey Dacker

… the bulk of the vessel is beached a short distance from the wreckage at the cave mouth. The hull is heavily damaged, more so than recent weather and current activity can account for. The damage in places appears deliberate, steel plating impacted in some places, folded in others and in a relative few scrunched up like waste paper. Another question yet to be answered is how a derelict ship of such size managed to land so far above the high tide mark.

Environment Agency report into the beaching of  the St. Margaret on the coast of Ireland, June 1974

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