Making progress

So this will be fairly brief as I am writing at 11 p.m.

I haven’t forgotten this blog! The past few weeks have been pretty hectic, including a lovely holiday to Italy in which I managed to get a lot of writing done. Aside from that and my recent fall sort-of-back in love with the piano, I haven’t had much time to post to the blog.

So I’ve managed to make headway on both Tomorrow Man (The next part of that will be up on August 1st) and almost half way through the first draft of the second part of the Colossus story, From The Shadows.

One of the best experiences I have found as a writer has been when I’ve almost felt like I’m merely the first person reading the story. Of course by the very nature of being a writer I will be the first person to read what I write, but there are times when the story seems to flow naturally, and whilst I am aware of what the future holds for the characters, the finer details are not usually filled in until the last minute, so there is a sense of discovery as to how the characters interact and advance their understanding of what is going on around them. I always feel that those are the times, infrequent and precious as they are, when the story can try to get ahead and pull you along with it as a passenger. Of course, when that happens you have to make sure you keep control of where its going, but it can be fun nonetheless.

I’ve also experienced the tipping-point, where a story becomes “nearly done” enough to encourage you to keep going to just to get to the end. I think that From The Shadows is nearing that point now. Tomorrow Man is still a very open-ended project, but I’ve written a few more parts of that and I think it’s starting to get interesting.

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