Blog Fiction: Tomorrow Man

So I always try to remember that I write primarily for the enjoyment of writing, of taking a story from my mind and giving it structure on the page. Whilst I have self-published my first (what I would consider finished) short story, the reason I have done so is that I hope that someone will read it and enjoy the experience as much as I enjoyed writing it.

Whilst I am focusing on several projects at the moment, I will want to get them finished and edited before I release them to the world, and it may take a long time to get them up to that standard. But I thought that I could have another side-project, something on-the-go that I simply published here to my blog on what I plan to be a regular basis.

I’ve been formulating a story that I felt could fit in to this idea, which I am currently referring to as “Tomorrow Man”. In general terms, it’s a story set in a different universe to the one where Colossus resides, a version of Earth where there exist forms of magic known as Shards. I don’t want to go into more detail just yet, I hope that I can do so within the story. It will be in multiple parts, I don’t know how many yet as I’m still working out the details of the plot as I go along.

The plan is to post each part of the story on the first of the month, thereby giving me a month to write each part which hopefully will not eat up too much of my writing time from other projects. The first part is written and ready to go up on June 1st, so watch this space.

To those who do manage to read it, feedback is always welcome. It’s one of the rare chances I’ll get at good, honest feedback. I know that I’m not the best writer I can be, so knowing where I can improve will be very helpful.

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