About Me

meOriginally from Harrogate, North Yorkshire, I attended Ripon Grammar School where I discovered an interest in Science and Technology. During my GCSE and A-Level studies I would often be found spending my free time in the library or the electronics workshop.

After finishing school I went straight to University, opting to study Physics at the University of Durham. To this day the subject of Physics and Astronomy still holds a fascination for me. Whilst at University I discovered a love of gaming, joining and eventually becoming President of the Durham University Games Society. It was through boardgames and table-top role-playing that I developed a passion for story-telling that has led to my present exploration as a fiction writer.

After graduating with a Master’s degree in Physics I decided to shift my focus to computers and programming, as this was a subject I had done best in during my studies. Originally working in Python, I have worked with the Django web framework before gradually moving to back-end development working primarily with Scala.

Today I spend weekdays working and my evenings and weekends are balanced between, among other things, gaming and working on one of several writing projects.

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